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Silver garden spider (Argiope argentata)

The silver garden spider or silver argiope (Argiope argentata) is an orb weaver commonly found along the Southern California coast, especially among prickly pear cacti and aloe plants. Mature female specimens are quite large and beautifully ornate, with a distinctive silvery sheen on the carapace and portions of the lobed abdomen.

Female silver garden spider (Argiope argentata) with stabilimenta.  Stock Photo ID=SPI0242
Female silver argiope with stabilimenta in her web. Arachnologists believe these UV-reflective bands of silk may aid in attracting insects and warning off birds who might have otherwise flown through the web. Orange County, California.

Female silver garden spider (Argiope argentata).  Stock Photo ID=SPI0241
Silver garden spider (Argiope argentata), lateral view. Orange County, California.

Female silver garden spider (Argiope argentata).  Stock Photo ID=SPI0201
Silver garden spider (Argiope argentata), dorsal view of a specimen with a slightly unusual color pattern. Orange County, California.

Silver garden spider (Argiope argentata) spiderlings in a communal ball.  Stock Photo ID=SPI0188
Silver argiope spiderlings in a tight ball exhibiting communal behavior. Orange County, California.

Female silver garden spider (Argiope argentata) with prey.  Stock Photo ID=SPI0187
Female silver garden spider with prey overlooking the Southern California coast. Several of these beautiful argiopes often build their webs on the same cactus; hence the out of focus spider in the background. Orange County, California.

Silver garden spider (Argiope argentata) egg sac.  Stock Photo ID=SPI0184
Close up view of a silver argiope egg sac suspended by web within an aloe plant. Orange County, California.

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